Template:Quote Template:Group Thodeism is the practice of worshiping BobTheDoctor27's favorite Toa of Plasma Thode THE ONE TRUE RELIGION OF CUSTOM BIONICLE WIKI. ALL HAIL THODE! ALL HAIL THODE!

Any and all CBW users who do not practice Thodeism will be banned forthwith and executed as treasoners, heretics, and heathens.


Thodeism was created by Toa Thode, who, upon his creation of the universe, decided that all who lived in it should worship them. Those who did not were to be eliminated. With extreme THODERIFFIC prejudice.


In the beginning, there was darkness. And then... THODE!. The Toa of Plasma created all you see. Every star, every planet, and every atom that makes up your body. He created your consciousness. He deserves your praise and honor. Bow to him, wretched mortal.


The THODE Commandments are a series of tenets all Thodeistic practioners must follow, lest they face the everlasting wrath of Thode.

  1. Thode is all.
  2. Praise Thode.
  3. Fear the Troublemaker, for his lies are deceit from the Way of Thode.
  4. Praise Thode.
  5. Read BTD27's stories featuring Thode. There are many to choose from.
  6. Praise Thode.
  7. Enjoy a good drink of Tang now and then.
  8. Praise Thode.
  10. Did we mention to praise Thode?


Thodeistic followers believe Thode to be the One True Toa, and that all other toa are pathetic copies of Thode's transdeistic form. They believe that Thode will lead them into a paradise of Bionicle. Some believe this paradise to be the island of Mata Nui, although most think it will be far, far better.

All Thodeists take at least three hours off from CBW in order to worship and pray to Thode, their ever-benevolent master. Those who do not risk damnation to a fate worse than Karzahni, and are forced to serve the Great Troublemaker for all eternity.

Speaking of the Great Troublemaker, the Great Troublemaker (also known as the AntiThode) is a horrible being who acts as if Thode does not actually have the powers of a Lovecraftian god. His followers are many, and must be hunted down to extinction in order to prevent Thode's loving wrath.

Execution of HereticsEdit

Heretics, blasphemers, and other heathens should be executed in this manner, as described by the High Priest in one of his novels:



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  • Remember to Praise Thode.

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